With islands far out to sea, three enormous national parks and the tallest mountains in Northern Norway, you have excellent odds for finding a place with clear skies and low light pollution. A perfect stage to behold the spectacle and wonder of the dancing northern lights.

Helgeland is the southernmost region of Northern Norway, and even though the Arctic Circle runs straight through it, you can often see the northern lights in the entire region. And because it’s further south, you also have a few more hours of daylight in the darkest winter months. This is perfect for travelers who’s looking to combine aurora watching with other daytime activities, like snowshoeing, skiing, winter kayaking or dog sledding.

And on the days when you want to take it easy, or if the weather’s a bit moody, you can spend your time exploring the four cities Brønnøysund, Mo i Rana, Sandnessjøen and Mosjøen and their surrounding areas. There’s plenty of cozy cafés, exciting restaurants, artists and craftspeople, museums and exhibitions and more to be found. Come and find your Helgeland!