For a thousand years, fishermen have flocked to Lofoten to take part in the renowned skrei winter fishery in Northern Norway between February and April. Foodies are now following in their footsteps.

Experience living history in the small, picturesque fishing villages scattered around the islands. You can even get to watch the aurora from your own balcony if you stay in a traditional rorbu, a fisherman's cabin, right on the sea shore. 

Lofoten is situated just beneath the auroral oval, a belt of light that encircles the geomagnetic poles and provides some of the best chances in the world of seeing the northern lights. You can go fishing, ski touring, alpine skiing, horse riding, hiking, kayaking, and dog sledding under the northern lights or the equally beautiful starry sky. Or how about enjoying the show from a steaming hot tub or one of the many new panoramic saunas in the area?

Due to the northern latitude, the sun remains completely below the horizon for about five weeks in mid winter in this area. The darkness is truly unforgettable. But you can still experience daylight in most of the winter, increasing gradually to the midnight sun in summer. And we promise you that the unique winter light and the flaming skies will give your Insta account a big boost too! Go on a fishing trip or a RIB boat safari, and be sure to count eagles on your way. 

Bad weather? No worries! You have plenty of excellent galleries, museums, historic Viking sites, and cosy eateries to explore! There are many excellent restaurants and resorts that are open year round in Lofoten.

The city of Svolvær is the area's main hub, offering a wide range of hotels, shops, as well as a cultural centre and several bars and eateries.