Welcome to a winter wonderland at the northernmost point of mainland Europe. At 71° degrees, we are so far north that the strength of the aurora borealis hardly matters, as long as the sky is clear. 

The North Cape Plateau on Magerøya island is the main attraction in the area, and offer the best views over the Barents Sea. Seeing the northern lights here is a big bonus! You might even get to experience a few hours of daylight and a streak of sunlight on the horizon. This is a popular destination for travellers, where multiple operators offer guided tours.

In addition to a visit to The North Cape Plateau, there are numerous other activities and tours to explore in the area. Explore the white treeless winter landscapes on a snowmobile, go ice fishing, join a king crab safari, drive an ATV, or try snowshoeing, all while remaining on the lookout for the aurora borealis.

See the geological wonder Kirkeporten (Church gate), a fissure several metres wide in a cliff overhang that's shaped like a big gate, a perfect window to the northern lights. You can also get fantastic views from Storfjellet in Honningsvåg, a 170-metre high mountain located just above the city centre. Be aware that the trail is quite steep and can be slippery, so it's recommended to go in the spring, summer, and early autumn.

Honningsvåg is the nearest town, with shops, restaurants and hotels. The Norwegian coastal express Hurtigruten stops here, and there are also excursions to the North Cape leaving from the town. You can also visit nearby Skarsvåg, the northernmost fishing village in the world.