Imagine that you are far away from civilisation. It’s completely silent, and you are breathing in pure, fresh air. And if you are lucky, above your head the majestic northern lights are dancing across the night sky.  When was the last time you experienced complete silence?

If you want to get away from the crowds, Senja just an hour's scenic boat trip from Tromsø, is the place to go. From the harbour in Finnsnes, the coastline is the wildest and most dramatic, with alpine peaks, fjords and white beaches, in every direction.  

Here, you will find several resorts, with delicious restaurants, and even some with steaming hot saunas or jacuzzis. Hamn in Senja is the largest resort and a haven for adventurers, offering many kinds of winter activities from fishing, snowshoeing, body rafting and wildlife safaris, to aurora hunting and ski touring.

The modern Senja Fjordhotell and Mefjord Brygge are both focused on fishing, but are also popular among ski tourers. There are also several other smaller establishments and tour companies that offer cosy accommodation and help to plan your winter adventure. 

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and RIB-safaris are other popular activities on the island. A visit to the tiny village of Husøy, or "house island",  where they still practice the siesta, is also a must for explorers. 

If your aim is to hunt the northern lights in Senja, its local professional guides always know the best spots. The wild nature makes the aurora adventure an eventful trip for both body and soul. And if you are lucky, you might spot moose, eagles, seals, and reindeer along the way.