Beautiful Lyngenfjord, situated between Tromsø and Alta, is surrounded by the impressive Lyngen Alps with peaks that rise up to 1,833 metres.

On the east side of the Lyngenfjord, lies inland wilderness, including Reisa National Park and the world’s northernmost tripoint, the Three-Country Cairn, which marks the spot where the borders of Norway, Sweden, and Finland meet. 
Other popular places are the islands around Skjervøy or the Spåkenes peninsula, which offer fantastic panoramic views of the entire Lyngen Alps range and a good chance of seeing the northern lights. Since the region is sparsely populated, the next spot without light pollution is never far away.

There's always something exciting to do in Lyngenfjord. To enhance the experience, catch the aurora borealis while enjoying outdoor activities in the wild. Lyngen is also one of Norway's premier destinations for ski tourers. You should always go with a local guide, since they know the best spots and will keep you safe.

For an indoor activity, why not try a guided tour of the world’s northernmost whisky distillery? End the day in the distillery's private hot tub, with the northern lights above you (if you're in luck).