Varanger isn't a place to rush through. It’s ideal for hiking (especially in early autumn), birdwatching, and undisturbed northern lights hunting. 

Drive, cycle or hike along the Norwegian Scenic Route Varanger, where you might see the spectacular green lights of aurora borealis at night, making the surrounding nature seem even more magical. If you are not used to driving on winter roads, it is a good idea to go with a guide!

The northern lights can also be combined with arctic activities that are unique to the region. Varanger is listed by “Top Birding Sites of the World” as one of the world’s top 100 areas for bird watching, and local tour operators offer a chance to spot rare arctic species. Many operators also offer activities during the winter season. 

Visit Hornøya, Norway's easternmost geographical location, a five-minute boat ride from the small town of Vardø on the Varanger peninsula. Hornøya offers some of the most unique and exposed wilderness in Europe. There are also several small fishing villages in the area to visit, and some amazing architecture to look out for. The impressive Steilneset Memorial, popularly called the Witch memorial, was built in memory of 91 people who were burned at the stake for witchcraft during the 17th century witch hunts.

The best way to experience Varanger is to be exactly where the wildlife is. Go on a king crab safari or fishing excursion. Is that too little adrenaline for you? Explore Varanger by ATV or snowmobile, before stopping to sample a little cured reindeer meat with coffee over a campfire.