Spending time in Vesterålen feels therapeutic to the modern traveller. Shoreline islets and open seas, alpine mountains and endless moors, gentle beaches and vast fjords all invite you to take a deep breath and relax.

Ski down a snow-clad mountain one day and go on a whale safari in Andenes the next. Since Vesterålen with its rugged peaks is located at the edge of the continental shelf, the nutrient-rich waters are the primary feeding ground for humpback whales, sperm whales, and killer whales. 

In Andenes, you can also travel closer to the northern lights in a virtual spaceship at Andøya Space visitor's centre. You can even travel to Mars! 

Experience Sami culture

The northern lights often illuminate Vesterålen’s polar night. This natural phenomenon is difficult to catch on camera, but if you join a northern lights safari, local guides will teach you how to capture the moment.

A visit to a native Sami family to learn about their culture, the polar night, and the starry sky, is also a must when you are in the region. Foodies should head to Kvitnes Gård, which offers both a farmhouse restaurant and accommodation. Expect an amazing culinary experience... could a Michelin star be next? 

A detour to the small and very unique fishing village of Nyksund is also highly recommended. 

Active holiday

Vesterålen is a paradise for outdoor activities during the autumn and winter season. Try dog sledding or go on a seal and bird safari in the daytime, and explore the northern lights at night. Here, you will find signposted hiking trails all over the island, and you can even observe the northern lights from a mountaintop.

The mountains are especially inviting to ski tourers as the white peaks are great for venturing off-trail to create your own.

If you prefer cross-country skiing, you can choose between several well-prepared tracks. You can also explore the pristine landscape on snowshoes.